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FluxMed GrE

· Proximal Measure

· Endotracheal Tube Connection.

· Tracheostomy Connection.

· VNI Mask Connection.

· HMEF Connection.

· Y-Piece Connection.

Sensor de Flujo

FluxMed Gr

FluxMed GrH

Flow Sensor




Flow Sensor


The Flow Sensor for FluxMed Gr and GrH monitors is a disposable sensor designed to be attached to masks, endotracheal tubes and tracheotomies. The sensor connects with the equipment in a fast, simple way and does not require calibration.


Proximal Sensor

FluxMed respiratory mechanics monitor uses a proximal flow and pressure sensor, thus eliminating readings error caused by the distensibility of the respirator’s hoses in pressure measurements, lowering potential leaks in connections before the sensor’s location to a minimum.



The flow sensor complies with different tubing standards, enabling the connectivity to endotracheal tubes, tracheotomies, masks, filters, moisture and heat exchangers, Y-pieces and other elements in regard to breathing passages.


Independent from the respirator

It is possible to monitor the patient whether he is being ventilated or not, allowing for a patient’s follow-up during and after the weaning phase.


Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV)

The Flow Sensor makes it possible to monitor patients with CPAP or BIPAP.





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