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FluxMed GrE

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It is the attached software in FluxMed respiratory mechanics line of monitors.


Real Time

FluxView makes it possible to acquire and visualize, on-monitor and in real time, the signals and parameters of FluxMed respiratory mechanics monitor.


Continuous Monitoring

It makes it possible to record patients’ checkups, regardless of their duration. The studies’ results can be saved to a PC hard drive, regardless of the duration of the examination.


High Resolution

With FluxView software running on a PC the acquired signal can be visualized to its maximum, in high resolution.


Large Screen

It is possible to use high resolution screens to allow for comfort during the monitoring and assessment of a patient’s condition.


Exportable Data

FluxView software can save signals and parameters as text files, in an open format, thus enabling the physician to use a data analysis program of his preference. For example, Microsoft Excel can be used as one such program.


FluxView utilizes two files per examination, one with the high resolution signals and the other one with the parameters acquired via respiration (breathing).



FluxView saves, to the parameters folder, all the calculated parameters for each respiration. It then generates the tendencies of all parameters during the monitoring.



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